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You’re Not Allowed To Get Big!

You realize how big your kids are getting not in the everyday, but when their clothes don’t fit.

“Hey! That fit you a month ago… and now you look like you’re ready to go wading in the river!”

Or when I look at videos and realize my oldest had a slight speech impediment from her pacifier habit, but I only realized it because it’s not there anymore.

And she can write her name.

And she’s starting to read.

All along I’ve tried to tell myself, “It only lasts for a brief time. Enjoy it!” But that’s really hard when you feel like you’re in this never-ending loop of “Mommymommymommymommymommy.” – Dear Goodness, please let me miss you!!

But then you do miss them, not because you get the space – but because that which annoyed the crap out of you is gone. But the cute stuff is also gone – and you’re all, “BUT WAIT! I wanted THAT to go, not THIS!!” And you realize further – sh!t… they were one in the same. Connected in their development. Like strengths that are also weaknesses in different situations.

But wait, THERE’s MORE

As if that wasn’t enough… The real reason all of this bothers you? I mean, yeah, we miss the cute stuff. But the other reason it bothers you is because of a greater meaning.

You’re getting older and that cute kid is actually becoming an adult. And you’re becoming your parents (or a version thereof). Which really isn’t okay…


Your kids start to look a little more like an adult, and less like the little one who needed you to sit beside her bed while she fell asleep because otherwise she’d get up and start playing.

You can’t move as well as you used to and start worrying about the lamest crap like…

Which wrinkle creams actually work (if any)? And should I even try to stay relevant? Or is it going to look like I’m trying to hard?

Yeah… Still totally worth it though.


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