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“The Years Fly”

Okay, let’s face it…

Sometimes the struggle is a little real-er than others.

Especially as a mom, professional, wife, etc. etc. etc. So many labels… You get the idea.

The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is argue with a smaller version of myself about how I used the wrong [bleeping] shape of bath paint. Or fight with the infant because she’s decided that real food really isn’t for her.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from parents on the other side of things..

“Aww… I remember that age. Enjoy it. The years just fly.”

So I want to share some things now..

Yes.I’m aware that the years just fly. I’m already looking at photos of my first baby with a sense of nostalgia that makes me want to cry it’s so strong.

And thank GOD they do fly. If I had to put up with this ish for the rest of my life I’d go even crazier than I already am.

To the parents that are like…

Aww.. Don’t say that! You’re going to miss this.

Yes. I’m going to miss it, and that’s the point. I want to miss it, because the arguments of putting the wrong shape of bath paint are OVER. I WANT TO MISS IT PLEASE GOD LET ME MISS IT.

I think what people are really saying is…

You will never have another person so totally depend on you and look to you to meet their needs ever again. And such an intimate relationship to be able to see who they are develop in real-time.

I do want to pause here…

My kids are cool people. I love them incredibly much. Just the other day the infant was loopy from being SO tired and watching her sister twirl sent her into fits of giggles. It’s those moments I’m going to miss. But those moments are not the majority.

Well, maybe you’re doing something wrong.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the fact that my kids have incredibly strong personalities even from the get-go, and that it’s a challenge. I enjoy them, they’re cool, it’s fun, but it’s a challenge.

What are you going to miss/do miss? Comment below!

One thought on ““The Years Fly”

  1. I miss snuggles, body piles, steamroller mommy. I miss dinners together at all ages, of driving on road trips with my favorite people who just so happened to be my kids. I miss having my kids think I was great: the infallible mom. I’m pretty happy with their opinion now but it was great when they were babies. I miss math lessons with diving off the bed…. That’ll do for a start.

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