Pizza’s Not For Breakfast [A Poem]

After a tragic weekend for the family, I wanted to share a little humor..

Yeah. Moms, I know who you are. I’m right there with you. 😛

Pizza’s not for breakfast

My mommy tried to say,
But I know diff-er-ent
From a photo that she saved

She’s wearing a hooded sweatshirt,
Daddy’s nowhere near,
She’s holding up a red cup,
She told me once was beer

She doesn’t know I have it
I’ve stashed it in my room
In case she tries to say
It’s not on the menu

I love my pizza pie
I’ll even eat it in the kitchen
If only she’d relax
About something called “nutrition”

I do so love my mommy
I promise to do what she says
And as long as pizza’s on the table,
I’ll listen and obey

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