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That’s not an answer

Because I said so. But mommy, that’s not a why (answer in four year old speech). Yes it is, you just don’t like it. Ouch, right? How many times have we heard that in our lives. >.< I like to pretend I don't have the answer when I don't have an answer I like... but… Continue reading That’s not an answer

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Realizing You’re Wrong (A story in GIFS)

Realizing your wrong when you’ve already started something Oh Shit Wide Eye GIF from Ohshit GIFs Watching as the conversation blows up in your face When You Make A Big Mistake GIF from Mistake GIFs Trying to back out Nope Baby GIF from Nope GIFs Trying to make it work Pirates GIF from Johnnydepp GIFs… Continue reading Realizing You’re Wrong (A story in GIFS)

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“The Years Fly”

Okay, let’s face it… Sometimes the struggle is a little real-er than others. Especially as a mom, professional, wife, etc. etc. etc. So many labels… You get the idea. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is argue with a smaller version of myself about how I used the… Continue reading “The Years Fly”

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Making Homemade Baby Food (What You SHOULDN’T Do)

Mistake Number One: I decided one day to be healthy. Here I am, a new mom, my baby is 5 months and I think to myself… I’m going to be really healthy and give her the absolute best stuff. None of those preservatives or extra additives, I’m going to make all my baby food at… Continue reading Making Homemade Baby Food (What You SHOULDN’T Do)

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I want to be left behind (sort of)

Back to School These words haven’t meant much since I finished my own schooling 4 years ago. Now though… These words have a totally different impact. My kiddo is now of an age to attend school. It’s still preschool, but it’s pre-k 4 and has a structure similar to kindergarten. Put another way – I… Continue reading I want to be left behind (sort of)


Pizza’s Not For Breakfast [A Poem]

After a tragic weekend for the family, I wanted to share a little humor.. Yeah. Moms, I know who you are. I’m right there with you. 😛 Pizza’s not for breakfast My mommy tried to say, But I know diff-er-ent From a photo that she saved She’s wearing a hooded sweatshirt, Daddy’s nowhere near, She’s… Continue reading Pizza’s Not For Breakfast [A Poem]

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What Being Sisters Mean

Before I get into this post, I think it’s necessary to share that I grew up the middle child with brothers older and younger than I. I now have all girls and I’m seeing first-hand that the dynamic is very different. My daughters are showing me what it means to be sisters. When I found… Continue reading What Being Sisters Mean